Monday, October 25, 2010

GK-Star What?

"GK-Star (Star of competing open collaboration)" by Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed a clicking a new generation of collaborative software; came the end of 2002, is the first enterprise-class software product synergy. The software application model based on cooperative development and operating platform - "collaborative application platform for open competition," the expansion of the use of advanced network technology on the other, for the enterprise information construction provides a simple, convenient, safe, practical solution for collaborative applications , can achieve low-cost, high security and efficient information technology goals.
GK-Star's main function is to what?

Team and process is the basis of business management. However, in the new economy, the nature of the team and the process has undergone great changes, dynamic team is an important feature. GK-Star team for the dynamic management of services is to enhance the efficiency of the dynamic team of the most powerful tools.

To meet the dynamic team of cross-regional collaboration across organizations, loosely organized movement and coordination, the typical dynamic process of collaboration needs, GK-Star offers a variety of collaborative, integrated communications, relationship management, the three major functional blocks.

A team collaboration (Team Space)

Team collaboration in particular in: 1. Users can quickly and free to create more collaborative work area, set up project management team, decided by members of the structure, control access, to achieve with the team members, business partners an efficient and flexible operations collaboration and group interaction; 2. in the shared areas of collaboration, users can meet anytime, anywhere, share documents, information, arrangements for group scheduling, exchange business cards, exchange ideas, remote synchronization; 3. Collaboration Area information can be released and Sharing the platform, the timely dissemination of rules and regulations, newsletters, technical exchanges, bulletin items Deng; 4. Cooperation Zone is a Dongtai electronic community, we can around common interest in the topic or event for discussion, exchanges, resource sharing, etc. .

Second Integrated Communications (Communication)

Integration of a variety of integrated communications highly sophisticated means of communications networks to provide a highly integrated, convenient, secure and humane environment for communications; in addition to other e-mail functions, GK-Star combines voice mail, instant messaging, you can view contacts online status, send each other messages, text chat, Internet file transfer, real-time voice calls, etc.; also supports SMS sending and receiving functions.

3 Relationship Management (Contact Management)

This relationship management, integrated management of human-centered approach. On the one hand, based on the user's contact center, high-efficient management of all relevant personal information, communication process, communication records, scheduling, documentation, notes and statistical reports and other information; the other hand, is to provide a shortcut to contact the center operating environment, quick start and a contact communication (send and receive E-Mail, instant messaging, SMS, voice mail), notes, calendar management, and collaboration capabilities.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tencent no winner already had three incidents

Event Playback

This year in November, Tencent 15 former employees were prosecuted because they violated the "noncompete agreement", switched to rival work. Employees of the defendant, the prosecution let the old owner was furious indignation, but also worry. For the Tencent company, "The switch to a large number of employees to give competitors technical and commercial secrets," the long run will it bring irreversible damage. Meanwhile, opponents frequently Tencent think even for people who already acts throughout the sector, to bring the company's normal operating difficulties. As for the "winkle company" is concerned, obviously the expansion of commercial competition in the common behavior, but also faces challenges to switch to after-care staff.

The current session the proceedings, but did not receive employee Tencent private reconciliation requirements, at the same time, to lure them away by also issued a statement, said the staff is considering to hire a lawyer on behalf of the respondent.

Expert Comments

Career re-accumulation of credit

ChinaHR Director of Human Resources Li-Rong Zhang

This switched to the three parties will not bring long-term interests. Was dug from the side, first reflect on their own responsibility for loss of staff where quick improvements to prevent further similar incidents; course, in the staff induction include full terms and liability is the most effective; from winkle side is able to obtain only short-term interests in the long run is not wise; Maybe someday these people will repeat here; then for staff to move on, the future of society is becoming increasingly important credit , maliciously switched abroad to pay the price of credit, from the career speaking, there is accumulation of dishonesty against themselves. Mature companies should promote healthy competition, but should stay away from malicious.

Each based on three grievances dilemma

Internet attorney experienced in the Wealth of Nations

Learn more ways to protect corporate trade secrets

In general, companies with the following two ways to protect trade secrets, confidential one to establish a sound system, such as the signing of various agreements, limited to a variety of learned the secret of the authority, or simply by applying for patents to protect business secrets; second regard, companies can determine if the leaks can also be resolved through legal channels, this is a legal basis in law's.

Currently, many enterprises have not yet want a good confidential way is by all technical means to prevent leakage of secret or open secret, but as far as possible apply for a patent, but also good human resources management.

The new labor law have left more to protect rights

If employees want to win the case, it is not impossible, because under the "noncompete" agreements, while companies can require employees to leave after a certain period of time not to join rival company, but it should also be given to workers compensation. Under the new labor law, such compensation should be when employees leave, it is more reasonable.

Who already had legal responsibility to discharge that is bounded

If the employee does not terminate the contract and the original unit, then lure them away knowing that the matter in the case of employees are still employed, it is to bear legal responsibility. However, if the employee has and for the units to lift a contract job that got to understand, then, even if there is a "noncompete" agreement first, and bear the risk of litigation is only my staff, who already had a legal responsibility is difficult to .

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PPTV sued the PPS legislation grievances to experts hope

Event Review:

April 19, has been downloaded PPLive network television and PP Accelerator client software users download "PPS Network TV V2.6.86.9024 official version of" when, "PPS safety testing" program automatically pop-up "test to PPLive and PP accelerator may affect the normal use of PPS Network TV "and automatically default check" Uninstall selected program. " PPS uses a directory-type deleted automatically scan user's hard drive, users without knowledge of the case, remove the registry information, and rewrite the system disk file, resulting in PPLive software can not be used.

April 20, PPS to upgrade the whole network, all computers installed with software such as PPLive is detected while the software is installed, is automatically a "safety tips" directly induce the user to uninstall. High degree of coincidence between the two, this "nuclear" level of force sufficient to remove the means to destroy competitors.

April 20, PPLive on PPS's "illegal uninstall" behavior in the Shanghai Intermediate People's Court of anti-unfair competition litigation.

Expert opinion:

The reporters interviewed more than two events industry experts, an Assistant Secretary-General of the Internet Society of China stone is rose, a Peking University Law School Professor Zhang Ping.

Stone is rose Internet Society of China:

View of the above events, the China Internet Association, Assistant Secretary-General Stone is l said that in 2006 the Internet Society of China has caused a great uproar in society "rogue software" in the convening of a seminar, the establishment of an "anti-malware software coordination work team". June 2007, Internet Society of China Anti-Malicious Software co-ordination group set up anti-malware Certification Committee, and issued a "" malicious software-defined "rules" (Click to view details). According to "" malicious software definitions "Rules", PPS trigger uninstall PPLive software, litigation can refer to rules of the provisions of Article 6 (misleading, tricking users to uninstall other software) processing.

Peking University Law School Professor Zhang Ping:

1, on the PPS software constitutes "malicious software"?

Zhang: The domestic law does not clearly defined on the malicious software, but industry organizations - Internet Society of China announced "" malicious software "defined rules" and have defined.

In this case, PPS's behavior is through the "PPS safety testing" message box prompts the user to pay attention to relevant documents PPLive PPS may affect normal use of the software and the default check the "Uninstall selected program." Safety testing results in the prompt, PPS did not explain to the user impact of PPS PPLive software or software the details of the possible security threats, the objective may prompt other software errors, so that the user may be directed to unload the PPLive software . From this perspective, PPS software meets the technical characteristics of the Internet Society for "malicious software" definition.

2, the constitution of "anti-unfair competition law," Regulation of unfair competition?

Zhang: China's "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" adopted general legislation and cited the combination of technology to the provisions of unfair competition: first, the general provisions. "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" in article 2, paragraph 2: "this law of unfair competition, is operating in violation of provisions of this Law, damage the lawful rights and interests of other operators, disrupt the social and economic order of"; Second, the cited provisions of. In addition to general terms, the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" detailed lists 11 types of unfair competition. In this case, PPS that the act does not belong to "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" Chapter cited unfair competition, so only the general provisions under the Act on the nature of the behavior of PPS identified.

The academic world for the "anti-unfair competition law" in article 2, paragraph 2, recognize the existence of different views: one view which is of a general provision that "anti-unfair competition law," the regulation of competition is not limited to the law Chapter 2 details the 11 behaviors listed, and should include the Law Article 2, paragraph 2, the behavior identified; another point of view, "anti-unfair competition law" unfair competition identified in the Act only Chapter 2 lists the 11 categories of behavior, unless the law clearly defined, shall not be under the general category of acts outside the terms of the behavior of 11 self-identified as unfair competition, unfair competition with the "legal" character.

In addition, the general provisions of the lack of maneuverability, it is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of network environment, business practices, the urgent need for the authorities to apply the general provisions of the development of specific rules or judicial practice in the administration of justice to be clear.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Stamp effect in the production of Fireworks

1. New File width = 300, height = 300, where we set the background color of golden yellow

2. In the editor to draw with the rectangle tool to drag a rectangle, fill color is black. Open storke panel, set the Figure (Figure 1). And then click Open storke panel at the top right of the black arrow in the pop-up menu, select edit storke .

3, the following settings in the pop-up box, the spacing (step) set to 170% (Figure 2)

4, open a picture, with the picture onto the editing area, adjust upper and lower positions they have teeth on the picture above the rectangle, as shown (Figure 3). At the same time to select them, modify --- mask - -group as mask. effect of out it.

5. To stamp with the word, the final results shown (Figure 4)


I was complacent, someone spoke out: not ah, I've seen stamps on white side of the tooth in the middle of the map is surrounded by a white box. Immediately ran to buy stamps for a look, if this man is really words. Never mind, we re to

White tooth edge stamps

1, the new document width = 300, height = 300, background color is golden yellow,

2, with the rectangle tool drag in the editor to draw a rectangle, fill color is white. Storke panel set to none in the no strokes.

3, select the white rectangle, edit --- clone, the cloned rectangle's fill color to black, and then modify --- transform --- numeric transform the original in the pop-up box to reduce the length and width of the 15 pixels, as shown (Figure 5),

Now this is the result map (Fig. 6)

4, select the white rectangle, open storke panel, set the figure (Figure 1), point storke upper right corner of the black panel on the small arrow in the pop-up menu to select edit storke, the spacing in the pop-up box set 170 %, the other as the default.

5, open the image, and use tools to image onto the editing area, then adjust their relations deserves a upper and lower, the black rectangle on top, picture on the second floor, a white rectangle on the bottom gear. Also selected black rectangle and the image, modify --- mask --- group as mask. how like? satisfied with it! do not forget to add words to it, the final results shown (Figure 7)

Teach you a little trick, if you place pictures in the stamps are not satisfied, you can layer panel, to mask the link opens (Figure 8) and then move the picture to a satisfactory position.

Well, here today, shaking it.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Production of fine wood decorative painting

Final renderings

1, create a 25 脳 25 cm white documents, use the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" draw the image center of a 18 脳 18 cm square constituency ready to draw the wood of the floor.

2, create a new layer, named "bottom", set the foreground color to dark brown (R: 40, G: 0, B: 0), the background color is black. Select "Gradient Tool" column set to fill in the form attribute to "Radial Gradient" from the constituencies of the dwarfed rectangular gradient fill the inside out, the effect shown in Figure 01.

Figure 01

3, set the foreground color to yellowish brown (R: 190, G: 120, B: 3), create a new layer, named "Squid", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, Figure 02 shows the "squid" squid drawing layer, pay attention to trends and changes in thickness. Then in the "squid" layer on top of a new layer, as shown in Figure 03 drawn second squid.

Figure 02

Figure 03

4, when the squid drawing is completed, set the background color is dark brown (R: 92, G: 29, B: 1), foreground color changed, add the two squid layer filter effects. Implementation of the "Filter"> "Rendering"> "fiber" command, open the "fiber" dialog box, in which the setting "change" is 27, set the "density" is 22, and then click OK "good" button, this can see that we have just drawn a good squid with wood grain effect, as shown in Figure 04. This additional filter, but Photoshop CS! After the wood may be more convenient! !

Figure 04

5, activation of any of the following "squid" layer in the Layers palette at the bottom click the "Add layer style" button, open the "Layer Style" dialog box, check the "inner shadow" style, set the mixed mode to Multiply overlay, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 96, G: 0, B: 0), set the opacity to 75, distance, blocking and size, respectively 7,0,13.

Then check the "inner light" style, set the mixed mode for the positive overlay, set the glow color to gray (R: 89, G: 89, B: 89), set the opacity to 55, variegated, 0, method for the more flexible , the source for the edge, blocking and size, respectively 0,24.

Then check the "slope relief" style, set the style for the outer slope, set method for carving soft, depth 580, direction, the size of 3, softening to 0, set the pattern for the color filter with high light and high light color is white, not transparency of 100, set the dark tone mode color deepened, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 105, G: 40, B: 4), opacity 58.

Is more crucial is the final check "Stroke" style, set the size to 3, location, external, mixed-mode normal, opacity 100, the fill type of color, the color set to light brown (R: 122, G: 65, B: 7), set up good after clicking the button, you can see the squid is not only a third dimension, but there is a real heat transfer effects.

Then, right-click on the layer in the pop-up menu, select copy layer effects of the command, in another "squid" layer on the right-click pop-up menu, select Paste Layer Effect Command, completed as shown in Figure 05.

Figure 05


6, set the foreground color to white, create a new layer named "petals", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, as shown in Figure 06 in the "petals" to draw a white layer petals. Then the "squid" layer of layer effects of paste to the "petals" layer, the effect shown in Figure 07.

Figure 06

Figure 07

7, the light of the above methods draw more petals, the composition of flowers, attention to the order before and after each petal layers, complete results shown in Figure 08.

Figure 08

8, Next, two new layers, using the "Pencil Tool" to draw two separate layers yellow flower and red flower, were added after drawing layer effects, to produce three-dimensional effect, as shown in Figure 09 .

Figure 09

9, after the first few steps of the exercise, we can quickly draw other flowers, and but to pay attention to other flowers are not completely open, there are just a bud, but can only see the outer surface of the petals, in order to distinguish petals of the inner surface and outer surface, we are not open to those with yellow flowers, but also white transition is completed as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10


10, create a new layer, named "shell flower", use the "lasso tool" as shown in Figure 11, draw a drop-shaped constituency, filling brown (R: 104, G: 57, B: 22), after filling use the "Dodge Tool" to erase the graphics after filling to produce "shell flower" on the high-light, and finally use the "pen tool" in the spent shells to draw black spots.

Figure 11

11, spent shell in the draw after the completion of its copy, rotate, as shown in Figure 12 to adjust their location and layer order, and the flowers together.

Figure 12

12, create a new layer, named "frame", using the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" in the center of the image to draw a slightly larger square box, filled with brown (R: 50, G: 0, B: 0), and implementation of the "select"> "Edit"> "Shrink" command, open the shrink constituency dialog box, enter the contract amount needed to narrow constituencies, as shown in Figure 13. Elected to reduce press the Del key area to delete, create a hollow square, as picture frames, then add the "bevel and embossed" layer effect, shown in Figure 14.

Figure 13

Figure 14

13, select the "vertical text tool" in the upper right corner of frame type "Fragrance" word, set the font for the Seal, the color is dark red (R: 94, G: 0, B: 0), then its Add a layer effect with the same flowering branch, and finally activate the "floor" layers, layer effects to add a shadow to the decorative painting hanging on the wall there is a three-dimensional effect, shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15


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SecondLife DVD Cloner

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Youtube FLV to MAC Popular

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